Welcome to the Tickled Neuron

Wise words from Joseph Pearce

Hi. I’m Gillian.

I love reading things.  I love the internet, where seemingly infinite knowledge is accessible.  I love fun facts, and long reads.  I like learning history, especially the history of specific things.  I love thinking about things that used to exist but don’t now.  Or do now but didn’t used to.  Also time travel.

I like learning how things work, and about the people who dreamed them up.  The process of invention and innovation is a fascinating one: hard work and serendipitous accidents meeting in just the right spot.

I love getting an inside look at something.  It often opens up a whole new world, and proves that people will totally nerd out on anything (even something I had never even given two thoughts to).  Most of all I love sharing them with others.  These are the things that tickle my neurons; I hope some of them tickle yours, too.


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