Reflected Glory

I saw a great show yesterday by the California Honeydrops, a local blues/soul/swing band with a bent toward brass, tight percussion and unbelievably soulful vocals. Though I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing them perform many times around the Bay, yesterday I discovered that the singer, Lech Wierzynski, had an admirable talent that extended beyond his impressive … Continue reading

Magic. And Realism.
Rabbit hole

Magic. And Realism.

I have always believed in love at first sight, but not because I’m an idealist, or an idiot (though sometimes, admittedly, I am both).  I know there is a thing that happens sometimes: an unspoken electric grounding, which transcends rational thought.  This has happened to me.  When it happens around an idea, it is exhilarating.  … Continue reading


Chemicals between us

I’ve been reflecting lately on the idea of intimacy and connection between people, how instant chemistry is possible (and was always possible, and always will be).  I’ve been wondering what it is made of– as in, what chemicals are actually in chemistry?  I’m sure pheremones are a component, but it seems so much more.  There … Continue reading